Olive Lawrence (Dias) Cunha (52 Ancestors #6)

03 Aug

Olivia (Olive) Lawrence (Dias) Cunha was born on July 10, 1905 in Taunton Massachusetts to Lucianno Lawrence and Julia (Roza) Dias. It has taken me a while to find her actual birth record.  When I did find it it listed her as Olivia Lawrence.

birth record for olivia cropped 2

Olive’s Birth Record


She had 9 brothers and sisters.

1910 Census

1910 Census


1920 Census

1920 Census


In 1926 Olive married John Silvia Cunha the son of Joseph and Maggie Silvia Cunha, in Taunton, Massachusetts. Together they had six children Margaret, Clarence (Buster), John Jr., Russell (died before his 3rd birthday), Gilbert, Roger, and Carol. They were married for 38 years before he died in 1964.

1940 Census

1940 Census


I have one picture of Olive and her husband John.  It was taken at the wedding of their son Gilbert (my grandfather) to his wife Margaret Whittle (my grandmother).

Gilbert Cunha, Margaret Whittle (Cunha), Oive (Dias) and John Cunha

Gilbert Cunha, Margaret Whittle (Cunha), Olive (Dias) and John Cunha











Olive and John moved around.  Here are just some of the directories I found.

1932 Directory

1932 Directory


1938 directory

1938 directory

1963 directory

1963 directory



Olive died on March 24, 1986 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  She is buried in Saint Josephs Cemetery Taunton, Massachusetts.


132937201_1405617175  132937201_1405617162


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