John Silvia Cunha Sr.

18 Apr

John Silvia Cunha Sr. is my Great Grandfather.  He was born on July 1905 to Joseph Silvia Cunha and Margaret “Maggie” Silvia, both immigrants from Portugal. He had six brothers and sisters, Joseph, Manuel, Mary (died young), John (died young), Mary (also died young), and Antone.

John's Birth Record

John’s Birth Record

John’s mother died when he was two from Splenic Leucaemia. In the 1910 census I found him living with his brothers at his Aunt’s (his mother’s brother’s wife as his Uncle had also died by this time) house.

1910 Census

1910 Census

As of right now I have still been unable to locate him in a 1920 census and a 1930 census.

September 5, 1955 at the wedding of his son. Gilbert, Margaret, Olive and John

September 5, 1955 at the wedding of his son.
Gilbert, Margaret, Olive and John

He married Olive Dias in 1926. Together they had seven children Margaret, Clarence (Buster), John, Russell (died young), Gilbert, Roger, and Carol.

1940 Census

1940 Census

In 1940 him and his family lived at 16 Pratt Street in Taunton, Mass. At that time John worked as a Laborer, by the late 1940’s he worked as a Moulder and then in the 1950s as a Machine Operator, by 1963 John was working as a Flatener.

1950 Directory

1950 Directory

John died on May 28, 1964 at the age of 58 in Attleboro, Massachusetts.







**The Cunha family has been hard to trace. This post will update when I come across more information.**




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