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This is a challenge that has been put out by the blog No Story Too Small.  While I am behind I thought it would be fun to participate for my own sake and also to maybe help me focus this blog a little more.  I have been taking some courses and I really want to focus more on writing our family history so for the next 52 weeks I will be posting on Monday’s (starting 6/29/15) about one particular ancestor.  I will include as much information on this person as I know and hopefully you all will fill in any stories you might remember about that person.  Let’s have some fun.

Week 1:  Dr. Joseph Leroy Murphy

Week 2:  Lucianno Lawrence Dias

Week 3:  Charles Albert Seekell

Week 4:  Frederick Thomas Whittle

Week 5:  Ruth Frances (Gough) Murphy

Week 6: Olive Lawrence (Dias) Cunha

Week 7: Mary (McAloon) Seekell

Week 8: Jeanette T. (Hall) Whittle

Week 9: Francis Charles Murphy

Week 10: Elizabeth Jane Flannery

Week 11: John Frances Gillon 

Week 12 Peter J Kelley

Week 13 William Whittle

Week 14 Annie Francis (Flangheddy) McAloon

Week 15 John Silvia Cunha

Week 16 Sister Mary Leonie (Ida) Murphy

Week 17 Sarah Ann (Beswick) Mcintosh

Week 18 Abby Pricilla Seekell

Week 19 Ebenezer Tripp Seekell

Week 20 Matilda “Tillie” Peckham (Hall) Sherman

Week 21 Frederick Whittle



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