Tribute to Uncle Jack

John “Jack” Atkins Murphy was born on March 26, 1928.  He was the youngest of five boys born to Dr. family portraitJoseph and Ruth (Gough) Murphy.  He was educated at St. Mary’s and Coyle High and Graduated Tabor Academy in 1946.FB_IMG_1430483011043a

Uncle Jack 1947 Japan Jack served in the US Army during WWII.  He received his associate’s degree in business at Boston University class of 1950.  He retired from the Division of Employment Security for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Boston and Worcester.

Jack was a life member of the United States Power Squadrons a nationwide, recreational and educational boating organization. He originally joined in 1957. Jack was a past commander of the local Taunton River Sail and Power Squadron and was currently serving as treasurer. He had also served as the treasurer of USPS District 14 which covers the squadrons in southeastern New England. For his dedication and extraordinary work on behalf of the squadron and USPS, Jack was inducted into the Uncle JackRoyal Order of Pilot Fish, an independent organization in District 14. Jack took and passed all the courses offered by USPS thus becoming a Senior Navigator. This allowed him to become a member of the Boston Navigators Club, a New England organization. Jack loved his sailboat “Calico”, had many stories and was proud of the fact that he was a “rag bagger” and not a “stink potter”. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus, Taunton Lodge of Elks, Taunton Redevelopment Authority, Battleship Cove Yacht Club and Tabor Academy Alumni.

Jack married Norma Riva on June 3rd 1950 with a reception at the Gondola in Taunton.  Jack Aunt Norma, Sharon, Jackie, and Dianeand Norma were married for 62 years before she passed in October of 2012. They had three girls Sharon, Diane and Jacqueline and 6 grandchildren Micheal, James, Erin, Christina, Christopher and Ian.


When I started my genealogy project I had many correspondence with Uncle Jack. One of my favorite email from him was on Christmas Day where he said this:

Merry Christmas Jessica (2013),

After coming home from Saint Mary’s Church where I sat in my customary pew under Great Grandfather’s window, I began to think about family and opened your blog on my computer.  It was a humbling experience thinking of the accomplishments of those past and of those still with us.  You have done a wonderful job of research and presentation.  While I followed through reading of both sides of your ancestry I had a few laughs, a few memories, and a few tears.  It is remarkable  what those before us endured and what they accomplished under adverse conditions.  Your work shows the same spirit as did your ancestors.
Each time I begin to get a bit proud of where I come from. I recall the joke about an English man applying for a job at an American bank.  The bank wrote for references from the English bank which replied with a glowing story of the young man’s family.  He was related to Lord Uppingham and a distant relative to the Queen.  The American bank wrote back “We are not planning to use him for breeding purposes, how was his work?”
With that, Happy New Year.
My Plan:  I shall live to be 105 years old and then be shot by a jealous

You will be missed by all who knew you Uncle Jack! As you have said to me in emails past.  Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.









Dias Family Line

Thomas L. Dias Married Maria Angelica Bettencourt (Great Great Great Grandparents Maternal) they had four children that we know of all boys.  It is from this line that I trace my family.

  1. Joseph Lawrence Dias born 7 January 1868 in Faial, Azores, Portugal  died 3 June 1925 in Taunton, Massachusetts.  He married Mary Cancaecao Sousa
    • Hilda L Dias born 1920 Taunton, Massachusetts died 1920 Taunton, Massachusetts
    • Joseph L  Dias born 23 February 1923 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 1 October 1986 in Taunton, Massachusetts.  He married Laura
  2. Thomas Lawrence Dias born 1871 Faial, Azores, Portugal  died 20 August 1949 in Taunton, Massachusetts.  He married Maria Duarte
    • George Dias born 16 December 1915 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 26 March 1969 in Fall River, Massachusetts.  He married Madeline C. Dutra
  3. Lucianno Lawrence Dias born 24 January 1875 in Faial, Azores, Portugal  died 9 June 1955 in Taunton, Massachusetts. He married Julia Roza  (Great Great Grandparents)                                                                                            
    • Mary Dias born 8 March 1897 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 12 October 1991 in Raynham, Massachusetts married Joseph Pacheco
    • Olga Dias born 1899 Massachusetts died 1 July 1913 in Boston, Massachusetts
    • Lucennie Dias born 1903 Massachusetts – ?
    • Olive Dias born 10 July 1905 Massachusetts died 24 March 1986 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts married John Silvia Cunha Sr. (Great Grandparents)
      1. Margaret Cunha born 1928
      2. Clarence (Buster) Cunha born 1929
      3. John Cunha Jr. born 1930 died 12 November 2011 in Taunton, Massachusetts married Delfina Laranjo
      4. Russell Cunha born 7 April 1931 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 23 January 1934 Taunton, Massachusetts
      5. Gilbert Cunha born 2 June 1932 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 13 July 2006 in Taunton Massachusetts married Margaret Whittle (Grandparents)
        • Claire
        • Richard
        • Linda
        • Anne
        • Gilbert
      6. Roger Cunha born 23 March 1934
      7. Carole Cunha born 1936
    • Charles Lawrence Dias born 4 April 1907 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 21 September 1975 in Taunton, Massachusetts
    • Hilda Lawrence Dias born 1913 died 7 November 1914 in Taunton, Massachusetts
    • Olga Dias born 5 March 1916 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 26 July 1981 in Taunton Massachusetts marred Joseph Medeiros
    • Hilda Dias born 28 September 1919 in Massachusetts died 16 April 2001 in Attleboro, Massachusetts married Carl Gustav Quilitzsch
    • Priscilla Dias born 13 September 1923 in Taunton, Massachusetts died 2 April 2012 in Taunton, Massachusetts married Julian Niedziocha


  4. Manuel Lawrence Dias born 17 May 1876 in Faial, Azores, Portugal died 27 June 1963 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts


The island of Faial, Azores, Portugalrl423


Hello Everyone

Okay so I realize it has been a very long time since I have posted.  Things have been a little crazy with kids starting preschool and just life in general.  I was also at a bit of a stand still with some of my genealogy work and will admit I couldn’t motivate myself. I am hoping this will be the first of many more posts to come with what is left of this year.  Also please feel free to email me a story you would like to share with everyone and I will be happy to post it. The email address is

Thank you everyone and here is to the past!



February Birthdays

John Bliss – February 2, 1561 (My Paternal 11th Great Grandfather)

Peddy Bliss – February 13, 1825 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grand Aunt)

John (Goff) Gough – February 5, 1857 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)

Margaret Jane (Goff) Gough – February 14, 1877 (My Paternal Great Grand Aunt)

Patrick (Goff) Gough – February 14, 1864 (My Paternal Great Grand Uncle)

ruth gough murphyRuth Frances (Goff) Gough Murphy – February 3, 1888 (My Paternal Great Grandmother




Ruth Kendrick Willmarth – February 16, 1649 (My Paternal 9th Great Grandmother)

Poly Lincloln – February 5, 1786 (My Paternal 4th Great Grand Aunt)

Samuel Lincoln – February 16, 1638 (My Paternal 8th Great Grandfather)

Woodward B Lincoln – February 24, 1827 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grand Uncle)

Daniel McAloonDaniel Joseph McAloon – February 24, 1869 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather )




Abel Medbury –  February 3, 1761 (My Paternal 5th Great Grandfather)

Charles Oscar Murphy – February 18, 1870 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)

Susanna Orcutt Edson – February 20, 1618 (My Paternal 10th Great Grandmother)

Bridget Ryan – February 4, 1859 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

Thomas F. Ryan – February 8, 1861 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)

Miles Shorey – February 23, 1710 (My Paternal 7th Great Grandfather)

John Whittle – February 11, 1780 (My Maternal 4th Great Grand Uncle)

Walter Whittle – February 22, 1897 (My Maternal Great Grand Uncle)




William Whittle – February 2, 1864 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)




Premature Birth

I have to admit I struggled somewhat on whether or not to make this post, but in the end I decided this is a family blog and this is part of my family story.  Every year since 2011 I have done the March of Dimes: March for Babies walk, my reason for doing so.  My son.

JD BirthHe was born at 29 weeks 6 days and was 2 pounds 13 oz.  He was 14 inches long.  We spent the longest 62 days of my life in the NICU. Cause of his premature birth was a bacterial infection.  At times he struggled to breath.  He had a small hole in his heart, he came close to a blood transfusion for anemia but fought back.  We were among the more lucky premature births.  He had no surgeries and only had to come home on a heart monitor that he wore for a month. Today he is a happy healthy almost 3 year old boy. It was an experience I don’t wish on any family but one we pulled threw just fine. March of Dimes is diligently trying to find a way to stop the birth of premature babies.So I gladly support there cause.

A little about March of Dimes.

March of Dimes, founded in 1938 by President Franklin D Roosevelt, celebrated its 75th year anniversary in 2013. March of Dimes was originally created to help find a cure for polio, and after funding the research that developed a vaccine to combat it, the organization changed its focus to prematurity. In 1970 the March for Babies Event was established.

The March of Dimes spends 76¢ of every dollar raised in March for Babies to support research and programs that help babies begin healthy lives.


If you would like to donated to this worthy cause and to my walk for babies please go to and thank you:


January Birthdays

Daniel Bliss – January 21, 1702 (My Paternal 7th Great Grandfather)

Susannah Carpenter Bliss – January 19, 1823 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grandmother)

Lucianno Dias – January 24, 1875 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grandfather)

Ellen Flannery – January 1, 1839 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grand Aunt)

Jeannette Hall Whittle

Jeannette Hall Whittle

Jeanette T. Hall Whittle – January 12, 1903 (My Maternal Great Grandmother

Alice Ann Hearth Whittle – January 8, 1855 (Wife of my Maternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle Richard Whittle)

Mary Ide Medbury – January 1, 1730 (My Paternal 6th Great Grandmother)

Ezekiel Lincoln Jr. – January 20, 1779 (My Paternal 4th Great Grand Uncle)

Jeanette McIntosh Tisdall – January 9, 1869 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

James Montgomery Murphy – January 15, 1862 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)

Joseph Briggs Murphy – January 6, 1860 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather)

Mary A Murphy McAloon – January 1847 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grandmother)

Eugenia Progulsky Whittle – January 15, 1898 (wife of my Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed Edward Whittle)

William Edward Seekell – January 8, 1903 (My Paternal Great Grand Uncle)

Frederick Thomas Whittle

Frederick Thomas Whittle

Frederick Thomas Whittle – January 12, 1893 (My Maternal Great Grandfather






Jeannette Whittle Hoeg

Jeannette Whittle Hoeg

Jeannette Whittle Hoeg – January 4, 1931 (My Maternal Grand Aunt)






Lillian Whittle and Walter Whittle

Lillian Whittle and Walter Whittle

Lillian Cecilia Whittle Healy – January 2, 1899 (My Maternal Great Grand Aunt)






James Williams – January 1, 1703(My Paternal 7th Great Grandfather

Mary Winslow Briggs – January 1, 1785 (My Paternal 5th Great Grandmother)

December Birthdays

Laura Ann Peck Bliss – December 17, 1835 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grand Aunt)

Michael J Conners – December 19, 1902 (Husband of My Paternal Great Grand Aunt Anastasia McAloon)

Honora Flannery Ryan – 24 December 1829 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother)

Steven Flannery – December 1832 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grand Uncle)

Mary A Grimes Holden – 28 December 1884 (My Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed)

William Grimes – 4 December 1886 (My Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed)

Mary Ide Fuller – 10 December 1649 (My Paternal 9th Great Grandfather)

Mercy Lincoln – 2 December 1783 (My Paternal 4th Great Grand Aunt)

Elizabeth McAloon – 15 December 1870 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

Olive Medbury Bliss – 12 December 1792 (My Paternal 4th Great Grandmother)

Francis Charles Murphy – 23 December 1864 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)

Hannah Ryan Smith – 14 December 1856 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

MaryLouiseRyan (2)Mary Louise Ryan Whittle – 1 December 1862 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grandmother)




benjamin seekellBenjamin Alfred Seekell – 7 December 1897 (My Paternal Great Grand Uncle)




Annie Smith – 12 December 1890 (My Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed)

Alice Yates Whittle – 31 December 1825 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother)