Artemas Briggs and Susan Shaw (Williams) Briggs

23 Oct

Headstone of Artemus Briggs and Susan Shaw Williams BriggsMy Great Great Great Great Grandparents, the parents of Mary Frances (Briggs) Murphy are Artemas and Susan Briggs.  This posted is inspired today by my Uncle Jack and cousin Jackie who found there headstone while out together yesterday.

Artemus BriggsArtemas Briggs was born on May 4, 1810 to Nathaniel Briggs and Mary (Winslow) Briggs in Bristol County, Massachusetts.  He died May 23, 1876 at the age of 66.

Susan Shaw Williams BriggsSusan Shaw (Williams) Briggs was born on August 21, 1812 to Joshua Williams and Frances Dighton (Williams) Williams in Taunton, Massachusetts. She died February 5, 1895. She was 82 years old.

Artemas and Susan married on November 27, 1834 in Taunton Massachusetts and had 7 children:

1. Mary Frances Briggs born October 18, 1835 – January 24, 1903 (married Dr. Joseph Murphy)

2. Lyman E. Briggs born 1837 – July 17, 1891 (married  Jennie Lawton Pratt)

3. Sarah Williams Briggs born September 19, 1839 – August 18, 1893 (married Dr. Silas Dean Presbrey)

4. Susan Shaw Briggs born August 23, 1841 – December 17, 1928 (married Albert Hiram Hathaway)

5. Nathaniel W. Briggs born July 3, 1844 – ?

6. Ella Augusta Briggs born October 22, 1848 – December 20, 1908 (married Alvin W. Goodwin)

7. Horatio Wallace Briggs born 1854 – October 2, 1897  (married Leila Emogene Staples)

Census Records for the Briggs Family:

US 1850 Census, Massachusetts 1855 Census, US 1860 Census, US 1870 Census, and US 1880 Census


Massachusetts State Census 1855a








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