Olive and Noah Bliss (My 4th Great Grandparents)

24 Jul

Noah Bliss and Olive Medbury Bliss are the parent of Shubael Bliss.

Rehoboth Village CemeteryNoah Bliss was born on August 20, 1788 in Rehoboth, Mass.  He died July 20, 1875 in Rehoboth.

I should also clearify that this is the 3rd Noah Bliss in this line.

Rehoboth Village CemeteryOlive Bliss was born Olive Medbury on December 12, 1792 in Rehoboth, Mass. She died February 19, 1867 in Rehoboth.

They were married on September 25, 1817

They were the parents of 10 children:
Noah Bliss born 23 Jun 1818.
Artemus Bliss born 14 Aug 1820.
Ezra Bliss born 22 Mar 1821.
Susannah Carpenter Bliss born 19 Jan 1823.
Peddy Bliss born 13 Feb 1825.
Shubael Peck Bliss born 18 Oct 1826.
Huldah Cole Bliss born 23 Aug 1829.
Mary Matilda Bliss born 12 May 1831.
Hiriam Bliss born 6 Jul 1833.
Laura Ann Peck Bliss born 17 Dec 1835.

1850UnitedStatesFederalCensus_312094398[1]This is the 1850 census record. It was taken in the 29th day of August.  Noah Bliss is on line 7 and was 61 years of age at the time.  Olive follows at the age of 57, along with some of the children. His profession is listed as Farmer and value of real Estate owned is 3,000.  In 2012 that means: If you want to compare the value of a $3,000.00 Income or Wealth , in 1850 there are three choices. In 2012 the relative: historic standard of living value of that income or wealth is $91,000.00 economic status value of that income or wealth is $1,360,000.00 economic power value of that income or wealth is $18,400,000.00

1860UnitedStatesFederalCensus_300423613[1]This is the 1860 census record. It was taken on the 14th day of July. Noah Bliss is on the 14th line. He was 71 years of age.  Olive follows at the age of 68. There also appeared to be a Joseph Lawson living with him and Olive at the time. Aged 27.  The last line categorized him as idiot.  In the 1850 what did that mean:  An idiot was “a person the development of whose mental faculties were arrested in infancy or childhood before coming to maturity.” For us, in a more enlightened age, a number of known disabilities would have fallen under this category, including Downs Syndrome.

1870UnitedStatesFederalCensus_287176995[1]This is the 1870 census record. Noah is listed on line 14. At this time he was 81 years of age. By this time Olive had passed on. Also listed in the house are Wheaton and Laura.  I believe Laura was Noah and Olive’s youngest child as this woman is the write age to be her.  I will have to do a little investigation to find out more about Wheaton. The value of the real Estate at this time was listed at 6,000 and the value of                                                                                                       personal estate is listed at 600.

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