December Birthdays

01 Dec

Laura Ann Peck Bliss – December 17, 1835 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grand Aunt)

Michael J Conners – December 19, 1902 (Husband of My Paternal Great Grand Aunt Anastasia McAloon)

Honora Flannery Ryan – 24 December 1829 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother)

Steven Flannery – December 1832 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grand Uncle)

Mary A Grimes Holden – 28 December 1884 (My Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed)

William Grimes – 4 December 1886 (My Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed)

Mary Ide Fuller – 10 December 1649 (My Paternal 9th Great Grandfather)

Mercy Lincoln – 2 December 1783 (My Paternal 4th Great Grand Aunt)

Elizabeth McAloon – 15 December 1870 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

Olive Medbury Bliss – 12 December 1792 (My Paternal 4th Great Grandmother)

Francis Charles Murphy – 23 December 1864 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle)

Hannah Ryan Smith – 14 December 1856 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

MaryLouiseRyan (2)Mary Louise Ryan Whittle – 1 December 1862 (My Maternal 2nd Great Grandmother)




benjamin seekellBenjamin Alfred Seekell – 7 December 1897 (My Paternal Great Grand Uncle)




Annie Smith – 12 December 1890 (My Maternal 1st cousin 3x removed)

Alice Yates Whittle – 31 December 1825 (My Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother)



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