November Birthdays

02 Nov

Dorothy Abell Walker – November 18, 1677  (My Paternal 8th Great Grandmother)

Noah Bliss II – November 13, 1759 (My Paternal 5th Great Grandfather)

Daniel Carpenter – November 8, 1695 (My Paternal 7th Great Grandfather)

William Carpenter – November 22, 1631 (My Paternal 9th Great Grandfather)

george doucetGeorge Doucette – November 10, 1853 (My Paternal 3rd Great Grandfather)




Samuel Fuller – November 23, 1676 (My Paternal 8th Great Grandfather)

Mary E. McGee Kelly – November 18, 1856; wife of Peter Kelly (My Paternal 2nd Great Grand Aunt)

Joseph Gough MurphyJoseph Gough Murphy – November 16, 1921 (My Paternal Grand Uncle)




Benjamin Tripp Seekell – November 15, 1834 (My Pateranl 3rd Great Grandfather)

charles lovell seekellCharles Lovell Seekell – November 30, 1873 (My Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather)




Ebenezer Walker – November 15, 1676 (My Paternal 8th Great Grandfather)

Horatio Nelson Williams – November 20, 1798 (My Paternal 4th Great Grand uncle)

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