My Family Tree

01 Dec

As of today I have 236 people in my family tree. If I had though to start this blog sooner there would be tons of posts here already, but I didn’t so lets take it step by step starting with me.

I am Jessica Elizabeth born Jan. 10, 1978

My children are:

Marrisa Kailey Paxton born May 8, 1999

Viola Anne Backstrom born February 18, 2010

Jonathan Dean Backstrom born February 5, 2011

My parents are Ronald Joseph Murphy (born June 16, 1953) and Claire Louise Cunha Murphy (born June 9, 1956).

My Father’s parents are Robert Frances Murphy (born Sept. 14, 1924 died November 1, 1995) and Jeannette Seekell Murphy (born Dec. 6, 1925).

My Mother’s parents are Gilbert Frances Cunha (born June 2, 1932 died July 13, 2006) and Margaret Claire Whittle Cunha (born June 2, 1932). They were married September 5, 1955.

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